His blue eyes locked with my brown ones. He and I were from vastly different cultures. My people were caring while his savage murders. They destroyed the nature I love and threatened those close to me. My brother was their prisoner. But in that moment, we weren’t Rowlclanian and Airyllen. Our skins weren’t different colors. We were sailors, people of the wind and water. He flew like I did, an eagle on the tail end of a breeze. Any language barriers we had faded away in that exchange.

The Eventide

Come, escape into my mind. I’m not sure if you’ll find your way out again, but it’s worth it.
I am a Young Adult writer looking for representation. At the moment, I have two manuscripts that are query ready. I am also editing a third, which I set aside while focusing on other work.

I guest blog on Writers Rumpus about once a month and re-post here. Enjoy!


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