Reflecting on Pitch Wars

Okay, I know I haven’t been present since I started the site. Hey, I’m not perfect. I’ve been editing, querying and studying for my Biology MTEL. Not to mention working. But guess what:
I'm Back
And yes I figured out gifs…kinda.
Since I’ve been gone, I participated in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars. If you don’t know what that is, go to and follow her on twitter, she’s awesome.
I didn’t get into Pitch Wars, unfortunately. Hey, there was only a 7% chance of being picked by a mentee. Not to mention it’s all subjective. Things happen. Does that mean I’ve given up?
Oh Hell No
See, I’m getting the hang of gifs.
Some of the mentors I sent my query to got back to me with critiques. A few of them said that Guardian had an MG feel to it. I saw they’re issue, which is really only in the beginning and I have a way of fixing it.
At the same time, I just finished editing Elemental. As much as I love Alec and GOTA, I feel like Elemental is more marketable. I got one favorite at Pitmad (I’ve had better) but I’m excited and I did one more edit before sending it out today.
The other thing I got from Pitchwars was friends. I have a new CP, who is a mentee. I’m so excited for her and I met others like me who didn’t get in. Instead we’ve formed a group on facebook. I broke my facebook hiatus to join. There I found another CP who gave me an awesome suggestion on my start of Elemental.
So my life went on after Pitch Wars. Next year I’ll have Elemental to submit. If I do get an agent before next year’s Pitch Wars, I would love to be a mentor. But that’s a big if. We’ll see. Until then, I’m off with a new project idea.


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