The dragon living in her core grumbled, awakened from its long sleep. Once they’d been one; beast and trainer. Then the chain got too long and the dragon learned to use Teagan. So she kept those powers locked up. Her element could destroy enemies in a second and yet she couldn’t use it.


The Eventide:

When Val’s brother is captured by the foreign invaders from the country of Airylle, she leaves her tribe behind to track him down before her people declare war. The only problem-it’s illegal for Airyllens to hire girls. So, disguised as a boy, she joins The Eventide, a ship captained by Devon Orsin. She soon finds that Airyllens aren’t all bad, but after a magical storm bares them from reentering her country, she’s stuck in Airylle without her brother and if the king learns she’s a girl, her life is forfeit.

Guardian of the Atlantic:
Sixteen-year-old Alecsandra “Alec” Lunera is the descendant of a Greek Nymph. As a first born, she’s been granted a connection with animals. When the nymphs approach her to assist them to find out why the North Atlantic right whale population is missing, Alec is enthused, until she find out they want her to work with jerk Cory Dempsey. But when five scientists die in a mysterious explosion, Alec know she needs to rely on Cory’s knack for driving to keep her from dying on this mission.

Killing demons is part of a witch’s duty. Teagan Proctor has fought for years alongside her two older brothers. But when the demon-witch hybrid Silas informs her that her father’s soul has been held captive by demons for years, she is determined to save him. However, the only witch to ever infiltrate the demonic realm is Silas. If Teagan doesn’t learn to trust him, her life and her family are at risk.


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