How to Support the Diverse Books Movement

With my MS in the hands of a sensitivity reader, I had some time to jot down my thoughts on how to support diverse books!



We Need Diverse Books. Four simple words. This movement is not a trend or a fad, but a way of life. Diversity is all around us and as writers we have a responsibility to share that. However, it is not as simple as saying that your main character belongs to a marginalized group, especially if you, the writer, do not share that background. Writers from non-marginalized groups, like me, do not have the same experience as writers from marginalized groups.

There has been a lot of talk over social media platforms on whether non-marginalized writers should write marginalized characters. Many believe that writers from non-marginalized groups should not write characters who are from marginalized groups. Some call this “censorship,” but it’s not. Marginalized writers need their voices heard. When stories by non-marginalized writers are published with main characters who are from marginalized groups, then the writers from those group don’t…

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One thought on “How to Support the Diverse Books Movement

  1. Some elements of the publishing industry have used sensitivity readers for vetting some stories for many years. For example, Cobblestone and Faces children’s magazines had a Native American advisory board to vet articles and artwork and truly made an effort to screen stories about other cultures for sensitivity. I once refused a juicy book project because the editor refused to vet for sensitivity and I believe she went ahead and hired another non-marginalized illustrator. Not good. And publishers of educational materials back as far as the 80s and 90s required illustrators to follow guidelines for what proportion of children of each marginalized group should be included in the art. They also included handicapped children in the artwork. But that is quite a different scale from a novel or other long work in which the protagonist and author are of different cultural backgrounds. We are supposed to write what we know. sometimes, though, it is also important to write about what there isn’t enough of. Your point about finding sensitivity readers, in addition to regular beta readers, is an excellent one and so important to convey.


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